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Schnack is "about" serving authentic food at a good price. In Red Hook Brooklyn
that means $1 burgers and $1 dogs. Our regular menu is available online and we have
a large selection of seasonal specials. We serve Soups, Stews, Mac N' Cheese
and Braised Ribs in the colder months. In the summer, we have roasted corn
(street style), fresh fish specials every weekend, and lots of other great stuff. Our milkshakes
are hand dipped and we proudly serve RC Cola, Ginger Ale and Grapefruit soda
from our fountain machine and ice cold bottles of Boylan Root Beer, Orange
and Black Cherry soda. We always have 4 great tap beers as well.

Schnack is a partnership between Alan Harding, Jim Mamary and Harry Hawk.
To learn about what's going on at Schnack just drop by our location at 122 Union St, Brooklyn.
We are located between Columbia and Hicks along the Columbia Street Waterfront area.
Some people call it Carroll Gardens, some Red Hook, we called it Schnack.
If you really want to know more about what we are doing, you can visit the Schnack BLOG.

We'd like you to know a bit about us. Schnack is a collaboration project between
Alan and Jim who have partnered on a variety of Brooklyn eateries including Patois, Uncle Pho,
The Red Rail, The Zombie Hut and the Gowanus Yacht Club and Beer Garden. MAP our Location

Alan is our culinary guru; he is a CIA graduate and made his fame in Tribecca's Nosmo King Restaurant. Together with Jim, Alan helped transform Smith Street with the opening of Patois. Alan's idea for the food at Schnack was something simple, tasty and easy to understand e.g., "It's not complicated." Alan isn't complicated either. He loves tasty food and a good beer. Alan has a TV show on Digital Cable. His show, Cookin' in Brooklyn is on Discovery Home (NYC Ch 114). A 2nd season is slated to air in Nov. '04. Discovery Home.

Jim has run and operated a number of restaurants through the years from Bay Ridge to SoHo, including 131 Duane, Pacifico Bar, and Sweetwater. Jim was responsible for the design of Schnack. Coming from the fine dining background he is always working to insure quality service. Schnack is more laid back but Jim wants to be sure that everyone has a great time.

Harry is our refugee and our jr. partner. After making a decent showing for himself in 2002 at the "yacht club" we thought he might like a chance to call himself "the owner." Harry has a life long interest in food and has the knowledge and girth to prove it.

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